Microsoft 365

It is easy to buy and lets you get started right away, however proper planning and deployment ensures you get the maximum value out of your new technology investment. DECODE IT helps you on the journey to the cloud from start to finish with high flexibility and a low price tag. Here’s a list of some of the things we can do for you.

Business case and technical feasibility study

They go hand in hand and we can help you with both. Business needs will tell you where you should go, however in certain cases you need to ascertain where you can go. We spend time to understand your business objectives and help you identify the technology challenges that need to be addressed along the way. Both aspects are crucial to a successful outcome.

No commitment, free evaluation

There is no substitute for trying a product before a purchase. We can help you get started by setting up a pilot environment where you can evaluate your new system. We will help you with the evaluation process so you can make an educated choice of cloud services to achieve your business goal.

Buying the licenses from DECODE IT does not cost more

Once you evaluate and choose an Microsoft 365 plan that is most suitable for your business we can setup your Office 365 subscriptions and licenses. Subscription charges are billed either annually (preferred) or monthly by DECODE IT. There is no additional cost compared to purchasing directly from Microsoft and you get the advantage and added benefit of getting our dedicated service and support throughout the process.

Assisted rollout and transition

DECODE IT can help you create a rollout plan and its technical or project execution. If you already have in-house expertise, you can leverage off our Project Management experience and expertise to assist you with the delivery.

Ongoing support

To get the most out of Microsoft 365, DECODE IT can provide you with ongoing support and management of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Our support addresses a range of matters, from performing administrative tasks such as managing user accounts to assisting your users as an IT help desk. We can even offer some fixed pricing plans for our support.

Development assistance

Our development team can build customised solution according to your business needs, but we also specialise in SharePoint implementations, from data architecture to workflows.

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