Software development approach

Our primary objective is to design solutions that meet your business needs and get the most out of technology at the best possible price. We are big believers that properly built, good quality software do not necessarily come with a big price tag.

Success of a technology solution is rarely accidental. Proper planning, design and maintenance are essential. At DECODE IT, we are passionate about making a difference to our customers’ technology experience. That’s why we approach all our work using best industry practices to ensure highest quality standard of the final product. In addition to the best practices, we will also:

  • Work closely with you
    • Your business – our IT expertise. Our collaborative approach focuses on combining customer’s industry experience and our IT experience.
  • Listen and communicate
    • Delivering a software solution that adds value and makes business sense requires clear and concise communication between all parties involved
  • Keep things as simple as possible
    • Avoiding over-engineering keeps initial and long-term cost down and product usability high. Many products fail due to cost blowout caused by product features hardly ever used.
  • Use the right approach and proven methodologies
    • Every software product starts as an idea. It is an abstract concept that needs the right approach in order to be delivered as a successful final product.

For each solution, regardless of the delivery method (waterfall, iterative incremental or agile), DECODE IT will

  • Analysie your business requirements
  • Design a solution that exactly addresses your business needs.
  • Develop the product
  • Conduct rigorous quality control
  • Deploy; and
  • [Optionally] conduct end-user training

Our solutions come with 6 month warranty and ongoing support when needed.

We can also manage the delivery of your software project. Our Project management is adjusted and conducted in efficient and beneficial way for the project without imposing unnecessary burden to the project budget.

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