SharePoint – from planning to governance

DECODE IT covers all things SharePoint, from planning and implementation to maintenance, customised development and workflows. There are numerous examples of SharePoint systems that have either failed or have been implemented in a such way that makes them very difficult, or even impossible to use. Reasons behind these are many and varied, however to minimise risk and maximise your SharePoint success, we do the following:

Long term vision

Businesses change. Business processes change even more, and more rapidly. Change is very frequent in today’s business environments and your system should not become a legacy after your next business change.

Adequate analysis and proper information architecture

Information architecture is crucial. This is where our experience counts. Proper analysis and understanding your business and processes is the only way to implement a usable solution. It all starts from here.

Keeping it simple

If the new systems and processes are too complicated to adhere to – they won’t be used. It is that simple. Our approach is to maintain the “keep it simple” rule for the life of the system!

No user training and buy-in

Although very intuitive, self-explanatory and easy to use, SharePoint systems do require slight shift in thinking and a touch of discipline. And SharePoint makes it easy to see that a step done upfront brings great benefits down the track. All it takes is just a little training and help for the users to understand and genuinely believe in the benefits it brings.

Keeping it up to date

Once implemented, SharePoint needs very little maintenance. However, there are always new people, new processes, new projects, new departments, restructures and privileges granted and revoked. As your business changes, your SharePoint system must cater for these changes. Depending on the complexity of these changes, Decode IT may train one of your staff to perform these tasks or simply we can do it for you as part of our managed support service.


Governance is very important for keeping things under control. As long as the system and the users adhere to a few very simple principles, the system will deliver in both the short and long term.

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