General benefits and most compelling reasons for SharePoint

A SharePoint solution offer can address many common business challenges, however, some of the most compelling reasons for using this technology are:

Documents (information) is no longer spread across multiple places in your business. It is all in one place and everyone goes to the same location to get or create documents.

Managing document security in a traditional, file-share environment this is a nightmare. Your portal will do this in much more intuitive and manageable way.

Employee collaboration becomes much easier because everyone works using the same document repository and a common workspace.

You can keep an audit trail on your activities around your documents. 

Compliance to standards, processes and procedures becomes a natural way of working.

If you use Microsoft Office, you can seamlessly integrate your client applications with your SharePoint solution. No more lost or overwritten documents.

Web based technology lets you access your documents from anywhere via a web browser.

Your business is unique. Your portal can be configured to match the way you do business and grow with your business.

The list goes on. Can you recognise any benefits for your business? Give us a call and we will come to you for a no obligation chat and see if there is a compelling business case. Being a business ourselves, we like to keep things simple and affordable, so we’ll be on the same page when it comes to cost/benefit assessment.


Business benefits of SharePoint

How can SharePoint benefit your business? Businesses that have document and collaboration portals report significant boost in their productivity.

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