Key issues addressed by SharePoint

From quotes and proposals to legal and internal policy documents, the amount of documentation a successful business generates every day is staggering. Do you manage it efficiently? Is it easy to store, find and access from anywhere within your business? Do your employees use it effectively?

DECODE IT can help you organise this information in such way that creating, storing, finding and sharing it is quick and effective. We’ll create a web location inside your business that will become the place employees go to when they need to access or create a new document, check the company calendar or get a real-time status update.

These key issues can be addressed by SharePoint

SharePoint is a web based document management, workflow and collaboration solution for your workplace. It is a lengthy description, so what does each of these words mean?

  • Web based– Everything is in a central location, accessible via a web interface.
  • Document management – You can easily create, store, search and retrieve documents from a well organised, central location.
  • Workflow – Document revision and approval process can be streamlined, with the system taking care of who’s turn is it to work on the document and notify users via email.
  • Collaboration – Now many users can work on a single document. They will not overwrite each other’s work and documents will be always forwarded to the correct person for subsequent action. Users can also subscribe to document sections and get notifications when documents change.

SharePoint solutions are secure, intuitive and easy to use. Employees can now focus on their job rather than locating documents scattered around the business. It will make employees adhere to documentation standards intuitively, rather than by remembering to follow cumbersome document management rules.


Business benefits of SharePoint

How can SharePoint benefit your business? Businesses that have document and collaboration portals report significant boost in their productivity.

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